JOY TEA as the family abandon the principle of our company, customer satisfaction. The satisfaction we produce for the continuity of the excellent taste of natural black Turkish tea consumer trust is one of the elements.

Tea sector located within the company, taking into account market demands without sacrificing quality, a business policy based on principles of efficiency moves. Guarantee the quality of the consumer taste, considering the current agricultural policies in line with the required technical basis is provided. As a result we continue producing high quality levels achieved are happy to produce quality products.

In addition, our company is proud of being environment friendly also. In this context factors that may cause human health and the environment against pollution have taken all measures, continues its activities as a self-sacrificing.

All kinds of human strength and our source in the light of scientific principles to organize our productivity to increase. This efficiency and harmony to us, every day provides a growing market share. This also gives employees a sense of confidence and satisfaction as a strong company, we continue on our way surely leads to the result.


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